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"The Experience”

Are you envious of celebrities on genealogy shows? You can experience the big reveal! ***Available for most clients, dependent on individual research results.
Hourly rate, plus expenses incurred.

DNA Interpretation

Most people that have taken a DNA test are still clueless as to what their results actually mean. Having broken down a plethora of DNA tests, I’d love to help you interpret the information and reveal the exciting story behind where you came from.
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Personal Tutoring

Do you want to start your own research? Already do genealogy, but want to learn techniques to be more efficient or advanced methods to break through brick walls? Every session is personalized to what YOU want to learn. 
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Bachelor of Science - California State University, Los Angeles
Certificate in Genealogical Research - Boston University

Record Search & Retrieval

Curious to know your roots, but don’t know where to start? I specialize in finding records online or assisting you with your current search, in person. NARA: San Bruno or Riverside, Los Angeles Family Search Library, Los Angeles Public Library. 
Hourly rate plus expenses incurred. 

Brick Walls

We’ve all been working on something and have come to a dead end, this could not be more true when discovering your family history. If you’re stuck moving passed a generation or a particular family member, I have the education, experience, and perseverance to break down those walls for you. 
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Build Your Family Tree

Want a tree of your own to see the path that lead to you? Let me help you discover your ancestors. 
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Charts, Posters, & Family History Books

Now comes the fun part! Showing off all of the hard work with a display of your family history is a great way to share these memories. They make great gifts, especially for those that "have everything.” These are also very useful, informative, and easy to read for family reunions. 
Hourly rate, plus printing expenses.