Sherri Mora Bass


Sherri started her genealogy journey in 2007 when she couldn’t figure out what to gift her aunt who had everything. After much debate, she decided that the perfect gift for the woman who has it all, was a personalized book about the most important thing in her life, her family. When her aunt opened her gift and flipped through her family history, she was extremely moved. For the next year, she would share this book with anyone who would listen. It wasn’t long until Sherri was getting calls left and right to get their own family history story, and just like that, Your Twisted Branches was born.

 Sherri comes from a very multicultural family. Her mother, a Japanese-American woman, raised in Hawaii before it was even a state, and her father, a Mexican-American man, born and raised in Bakersfield, Ca, raised her and her brother with aspects from each of their cultures. From a young age, Sherri was enamored with her family history, constantly asking questions and excitedly taking in the answers. Now she is able to bring her love for her mixed culture into a business that helps people from all walks of life, get closer to their origins. Specializing in Mexico research, but handling all types of genealogy, whether you’re in need of a descriptive family tree, DNA results interpretation, or personalized tutoring, Your Twisted Branches will take you on a journey through your family history and what makes each of us uniquely special.